Monday, April 25, 2011

For Next Week (April 30)

I'd just like to remind you that there is no mandatory reading for this week (though it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a look at the article by Alcoff called "Cultural Feminism versus Post-structuralism". You might also have a look at the short reading by Sadeghi as it contains a real life classroom example of some of the potential problmes our presenter posed to us last week.

Also, bring in your lesson plan/ activity ideas. You'll be describing your ideas in small groups, so please be ready to share the following information about your class/ students/ ideas.

Describe the students/participants you will be working with.
What are the class norms? What is an 'ordinary' lesson like?
What sorts of materials do you plan to use for your 'critical' lesson or activity?
How do you intend to present the materials?
What activities do you want your students/participants to engage in?
What are your goals?
What potential problems or obstacles do you foresee?

You don't need to put all of this into writing, but please be prepared to discuss....
Have a great week

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