Thursday, February 2, 2012

A SoundCloud Experiment

So SoundCloud is a well known music sharing site that lets users upload or record their own 'sounds', convert them to visual formats, and gives listeners the opportunity to comment on specific parts of the file. I'm thinking that this could work well with a conversation class that I have to teach in the Spring semester. Students will have a chance to record short speeches on a topic of interest and get specific feedback on particular areas of the speech that work or don't work. It's going to take some planning and plenty of patience with the technology, but I'm going to give this one a shot in the liquid textbook unit that I'm putting together.

A Classic Classroom Experiment

This is an incredibly thought provoking experiment done many years ago in Iowa. I think the most fascinating part of watching this now is thinking about if and how this would be different in our day and age. What experiences do students have to draw on that would allow us to take this further? What problems arise? In what ways does this possibly oversimplify or reduce the experience of discrimination in our time and in their? How could a 21st century language teacher possibly take this lesson further? What new lessons can our students teach us?