Monday, December 5, 2011

Is this a lesson for Koreans or for everyone?

This was recently posted on Facebook.... A fantastic little experiment, though I worry that this could simply become an opportunity to point more fingers at Koreans. The lesson, I think, is not "look at how racist Koreans are", but what does this say about me and my own place here? How is this similar or different to other major cities across the world? How can we learn from this?

I'm not sure how I can work this into my teaching. I'd like to do something that that doesn't point fingers at Korean people. In fact, I find Korean people that I meet with on a daily basis extremely open about discussing these sorts of issues. What I'm after is some way to use this clip as an entry point into questions about subjectivity and the role of race in all societies. Please post any ideas below. I'll comment on any ideas that come up.