Monday, February 28, 2011

A Critical Intellectual Tradition in Korea

Changbi publishes non-fiction, fiction, poetry, comic books and other forms of social critique and cultural studies. There are pages in Korean and English.

This short article teases out some of the complexities of colonialism, eurocentrism, and the idea of reunification in Korea.
I really like the author's questions toward the end regarding the slogan 'think globally/act locally' and the insinuated place of the nation-state within that line of thinking. He asks whether or not nation-states are still relevant and to what degree they are an appropriate structure for overcoming modernity.
Definitely worth a read

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Free Online Journals on Critical Education

The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy is free online. You can get full pdf files of the first two issues here
You can find newer issues with pdf files of individual articles here.

The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies is also free online and has a lot of good literature.

A few blogs you might find interesting

I've posted a few blogs here- use them in any way you like. They might serve as a resource for your teaching, the lesson plan(s) you write, reflections... they might also act as a models for the blogs you will keep this semester.

Here's a potential resource site for anyone interested in implementing social activism with English language learning.

This one is written by a woman teaching English and doing teacher training in Korea. She calls the blog throwing back tokens and discusses classroom practices, reflections, and random ideas about teaching and learning English in Korea.

This one discusses hip hop music and pedagogy from an academic standpoint.

Here is one blog associated with The Freire Project that includes a ton of material, including a teacher resource page. There isn't a whole lot up there yet, but it's definitely worth a look for anyone interested to see how Freire's ideas have been interpreted in different contexts.

Here are some sample lesson plans from a site called Turkish TEFL. These are not necessarily examples of critical pedagogy, but they may get some ideas flowing. We might also use some of these lessons for critique.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Thinking Teacher

I just came upon this website and thought it might be of interest. It's a teacher resource site dedicated to critical thinking and critical pedagogy. It contains teaching resources, professional development materials, publications on critical pedagogy and plenty of other stuff to play around with.

Welcome to the Course

This blog will be my running record of our Critical Pedagogies class this semester. I will be posting materials, reflections, potential lesson plan ideas, links, video clips, and/or whatever else seems relevant or partially relevant. My hope is that this course takes all of us in new directions as teachers- myself included. This blog will be a partial record of what I learn and think about this semester as an instructor and hopefully it will serve as a resource and a reflective tool for all class participants.