Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reflective Practice Meeting, Sunday April 10

Our main aim is to get teachers talking constructively about teaching in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The backbone of our plan is not in workshops or teacher training sessions but instead lies in the arena of teacher development. Our vision is to get groups of teachers throughout the country to get together and engage in dialogue about what is happening in their classrooms and then to support each other in finding constructive ways to make meaningful changes to their teaching practice. Along these lines we will be having a "reflective rendezvous" each month in Seoul with the hopes of building a model that can be reproduced nation-wide.

Last meeting we discussed ways of reflecting and challenged ourselves by designing personal plans for reflecting on our teaching. In our next meeting Michael Griffin will hold us accountable to our plans, facilitate some norming and push us further towards becoming reflective practitioners. So, bring your plans (successes and challenges), your active listening skills and an open mind to our third reflective rendezvous on Sunday April 10th (2-5pm).

Where: Meeple Book Cafe (http://www.meeple.co.kr/v1/eng/index.php) near Sinchon Subway station. Get out at exit #4 and head straight. It's just a little ways and on your left. If you've gotten to "On the Border" mexican restaurant you've gone too far. The room will be reserved under the name RP SIG.

How much does it cost? For members of KOTESOL the meeting is free. If you're not a member of KOTESOL it will cost 5,000KWN which includes a tasty beverage.

Hope to see you all there,

The three reflective practitioneers Kevin Giddens, Manpal Sahota and Michael Griffin

Reflective Practice SIG

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