Sunday, May 1, 2011

For your Lesson Plans (Due May 7)

Please post your lesson plans to your blogs AND turn in a hard copy to me on May 7. I'm not interested in seeing a timetable or a minute-by-minute description of what you plan to do in the class. Overmanaging lessons is one sure way of shutting down the possibility for critical reflection.

Please provide a description of:

The students (elementary, middle school, etc).
- The goal of the lesson/ any critical objectives you hope to achieve
- Any target language functions or structures
- All materials you will be using
(include photos, links to websites, brief descriptions of any multimedia)
- All planned activities
(detailed enought so another teacher could easily repeat the lesson)

Also include:
- Any discussion questions or classroom instructions you have planned
- Any handouts you will be using

Remember, you're writing these so other teachers can potentially read and adapt your ideas to their own teaching settings. So be clear, concise, and detailed in your descriptions.
Have a great week

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