Friday, April 12, 2013


What is the story?

Who tells the story?

What names do we use?

The Dialectic
Oppressor  -- Oppressed 
Theory  --  Practice
Object  --  Subject

Banking Education

Received Readings and Oppositional Reading

Who is the ideal audience?
What is the intended message for the ideal audience?

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  1. Maggie Kwak:
    Ideal Audience: who are interested in speaking English or want to learn english prior to Native speakers.
    Intended Message: This school can help to improve your english ability and go through the courses and then you could be better than native speakers in high potential....

    Well... someone who has experience to learn enlgish in such a language school on the ad.
    never believe the surface meaning but this ad. attracting the potential customers with pictures. it would be better affective to make positive image of the school.