Friday, April 5, 2013

Critical Theory & The Frankfurt School

Why think about pop culture?
What are some of the effects of pop culture?
(How) Can we 'read' pop culture in a critical manner?
Should pop culture become a relevant part of our work as critically engaged language teachers?

(+)                                                                                           ( - )
Improving the Korean 'brand'                                                      Unrealistic depictions of beauty
Generating capital                                                                    Distraction
                                                                                               Pressure to be beautiful

Tools for Thought:
"The philosopher, pacing his Oriental rug, was in a dark mood"
(example by Paul Fry)

The Frankfurt School:  Europe in the mid 1920's

Industrialization, modernization, and the invention of "modern times"

What is "The Culture Industry"?

진달래 꽃”(김소월)

나 보기가 역겨워
가실 때에는
말없이 고이 보내 드리오리다.

영변에 약산진달래꽃
아름 따다 가실 길에 뿌리오리다.

가시는 걸음 걸음놓인 그 꽃을
사뿐이 즈려밟고 가시옵소서.

나 보기가 역겨워
가실 때에는
죽어도 이니 눈물 흘리오리다.

Azeleas” (역례 3)
If you go away
Through with me
I will quietly let you go.

I will gather azleas in armfuls
At Yaksan hill in Yongbyon
To scatter them on your path.
Tread with a tread,
Light and gentle,
On the flowers as you go.

If you go away
Through with me
Never will I weep though I perish.

Standardization, Passivity and Pseudo-individualism?

"The Aura" and Ritual

The destruction of the aura through traditional artistic display

Aesthetics in Politics vs  Politicizing Aesthetics

Reading an image:

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