Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Questions

Just in case, here is the list of questions from the Ngugi discussions that will serve as the basis for your critical discourse analysis.

Ngugi –

– Briefly summarize each author's views on the worldwide spread of English:

– What are some fundamental distinctions between Ngugi's and Kachru's perspectives?

– What problems does Ngugi see in the Kachruian perspective?

– What is the place of a voice such as Ngugi's in current discussions about World Englishes and the global spread of English?

– Is it an English teacher's responsibility to be aware of the historical circumstances by which English has become a 'global' language? Why or why not?

– What do you believe are some key distinctions between a colonial and a post-colonial environment?

Does our work as English educators in South Korea take place within a post- colonial environment? If so, how is this meaningful for English teachers?

– What are some similarities and differences between Ngugi's environment and the setting in contemporary Korea?

– In what ways are Ngugi's experiences relevant to South Korea's past? In what ways might they be relevant to Korea's present and/or future?

Which aspects of these views can help us as English educators in contemporary Korea?

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