Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Word on Your Blogs

Just a word for everyone. I enjoyed the pop culture artifacts on your blogs. Please bring your artifacts to class next week-- we'll most likely be using them to begin brainstorming potential lesson plans in the next class. Also... I will be checking the blogs weekly, so anyone who has not posted (and particularly anyone who has not set up a blog) please begin doing so (i.e. points/grades/final scores) and if your blog address is not posted below, send it to me as soon as possible. Happy Reading


  1. Er, how am I supposed to bring my artifact into class? I COULD bring the vinyl, but I'm not sure the classroom has a turntable...

  2. Not sure what I have to do -joined your blog last week and thought that was it. Clearly I'm in the wrong technological paradigm!
    Here is my homepage link:
    Please let me know if that fixes the problem!
    Chris Truter

  3. hey martin.... lyrics are cool. a video works too. chris, that didn't work. it just took me to the homepage for

  4. thought i posted my link last week... here it is again anyway

  5. Sorry that one might not work...


  6. Chris, would you check your email( phone MSGs? I've been trying to contact you for Sat discussion if you don't mind :) Or you can contact me at 019-398-0104 or ASAP Thanks.