Friday, March 15, 2013

English in Korea

Phlogiston or Oxygen

Sokal Hoax

Questions for the Jo & Shin pieces
How do these pieces differ in the ways they examine the concept of "world" or "international" Englishes?

To what epistemological positions do these writers subscribe?  Can you find evidence in the articles to support your answer?

How would these two authors answer the question....
     - What is the purpose of teaching English in Korea?

Linguistic Landscapes might offer some ideas for using the concept of World Englishes as a practical classroom project.  Here and here are a couple of links that discuss this possibility.

What is English mania?

Some questions that might support a critical reading

Who is speaking? / Who is this person?
What is this person claiming?
Who is the audience for this talk?
Who is the speaking talking about?
From where does this person's knowledge come? / What are the foundations of this knowledge?
What other perspectives are there on this topic?  Who might hold these perspectives?

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